Superspam Me

Just got this in comments:

I guess you will not surprise to receive my mail? i saw your profile and it sound well.I will like us to exchange good relationship.I am Linderx by name,No kid and never married.I will like to hear from your opinion, you can contact me at this email address  ( )  so that i can send you my pictures and more introduction about myself.Have a good day and waiting to hear from you soonest.

I dare you to have some fun with them. Triple dare ya.

4 thoughts on “Superspam Me

  1. sometimes you’re just downright evil 🙂

    btw, finally heard your show this morning (yes, morning my time). i listened from home while i ate my cereal and tried to wake up for work. cant believe i’m gonna say this about radio – i’d love to hear more talk and less music – hows that for inverted thinking? (the reasson for more talk is to listen to your cool accent btw)

  2. Hi rick, iv tried to sent you a mail but apparently i have been banned from ur mailing list? (What have I dont to you?!!) but if its possible I would like to mail you about something namely the lives of others, so if you could perhaps mail me as I cant mail you or have you an alternative email? sorry for the confusion but i would appreciate the access to ask you something. thank you.

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