17 thoughts on “Swinearama

  1. Is that you or Damien in the pic ?? Cos if it’s the latter it’s going to stick in my head so much – might even buy him the dungarees for christmas!

  2. Well I’m a bad lesbian as I don’t have any to spare in my closet (closet’s are only for clothes…) But Rick if you are very good I might just get you something rather special.

  3. See? Power corrupts and absolute internet power corrupts absolutely… When my body turns up floating off Cobh you know what happened.

  4. Bernie – yay!

    MacD – We are. Tears of a clown and all that.

    Twenty – The chance to write a book about how you gave it up? 😉

    Jesus, I’m responding to so many comments I’m starting to feel like Flirty or Twenty…

  5. *shocked*

    I am a man of my word young sir. There’s very little of it around these days…

  6. So how many poke emails/friends ad emails have you got so far Rick? Is that a laser beaming star wars esque thingy you’d be wanting or a super duper water pistol whatchamacallit?

  7. I have most of them disabled but even this morning one of my oldest friends who I haven’t heard from in months has answered my question.


    As for the pressie anything that can destroy worlds is fine.

  8. Well at least your happy Inside. Maybe you should come out to the Lebanon I am sure that we can cheer you up. there lots of nightlife for DJ’s

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