Tag? I’m It?

Annie, one of our regular commenters, has tagged me. You’d be surprised how little that happens!

What’s this now? Describe yourself in 6 words? Jaysus.


Curious (as in being curious about things, not a curious type. Well, actually probably both…)





I take great joy in tagging:

http://www.headrambles.com/ (his will be the most entertaining)

http://aislingsblogpage.blogspot.com/ (if she doesn’t run away!)

http://greeninkpen.blogspot.com/ (maybe in graphic form?)

http://www.irishflirtysomething.com/ (if she’s still alive! 😉

and all of

http://forninepounds.blogspot.com (they love this nonsense 😉

Do with it as you will 🙂

9 thoughts on “Tag? I’m It?

  1. Yay! But I better not tag people, they don’t seem to like it….
    1. Controlling
    2. Adventurous (ooh!)
    3. Happy 🙂
    4. Positive
    5. Determined
    6. Small 😉

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