Text Messages Feck Off….

Here’s our next grand experiment.

After we asked you to give up TV with us for a week in April we thought it was high time to try and break the hold something else has on our live and what better place to start than with our national obsession with text messages 🙂

We’re looking for a few good people to try and give up texts for the week next week, Monday to Friday. The rules are simple – no texting of any kind, not even webtexts! You’re free to call someone back or leave them a voicemail, just no texting. The question is will it alter the tone or content of your relationships if you have to resort to good, old fashioned conversation.

Want to be one of our on air guinea pigs?

Mail rick@2fm.ie and tell us a bit about your texting habits…

4 thoughts on “Text Messages Feck Off….

  1. But I use texts to contact my football team when matches/training sessions are on. Would that be allowed or would I have to ring all the parents? 🙂

  2. For one week only Anthony, ring the parents. You never know what sort of conversations you might have…

  3. hmm this could be fun, cause i agree texting has gone way to far.

    My only problem is that while your show airs I am in work.

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