The Advanced Temporal Mechanics Of Irish Rail

Riddle me this.

I was going on a train at the weekend and the nice, shiny Iarnród Eireann screen told me:


So, let me get this straight.

If I come back today you’ll charge me €27, if I come home tomorrow (as I did) you’ll charge me €41.


I’m coming back on one of your trains one way or the other, taking up one space.

Seriously, please, someone explain this one to me…

5 thoughts on “The Advanced Temporal Mechanics Of Irish Rail

  1. You heard it here first, Irish rail spokesperson Barry Kenny to play Riddler in next Batman film !

    The monthly return sounds like it covers you to do as many return journeys as you want in a month (like a weekly bus ticket) so how come it’s only just over twice the price….that’s like a weekly bus ticket being 8 quid when it’s 20 odd quid!?!

  2. Monthly return only covers you for one return.

    It gets even more complicated on Fridays. They don’t let you buy a daily return. You can only buy a one-way ticket (which costs the same as a daily return), or if you are returning you have to buy a monthly return.

    Therefore you end up paying €41 for a journey on a Friday, that normally costs €27 every other day!!!

  3. Rick you have to find a blind friend and all your train problems are solved. We get free travel on all trains and buses in Ireland using a companion pass so if someone else comes they get completely free too.
    Feck Irish rail!

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