The Blog! Sponsored By Damien Leith….

And then there are the legions of Damien Leith fans from Australia that mail me looking for the latest!

Sorry it took so long to get the interview and 2 acoustic songs he did for us before Christmas (including a very heartfelt version of Hallelujah) up but now they’re HERE


5 thoughts on “The Blog! Sponsored By Damien Leith….

  1. Thanks, Rick, for finally letting all Damien’s fans in Aus listen to this interview. The inlaws have listened to all your interviews with Damien and his dad and been very impressed with him.

  2. Thanks a bundle for putting this up Rick! Great interview too – one of the best. His voice has a rather nice timbre to it don’t you think? Love ya work.

  3. Thank you for putting this up. I am a
    damienite and bloody proud of it. Now you know why we just love him here in Australia. Hallelujah to Hallelujah. Simply divine as always. Congratulations

  4. Great Interview – Fantastic performances — love him, love him, love him……..

    Ireland your turn to support your Idol — single release on the 15th

  5. Thanks so much for posting all this..and for having him on your show!
    I’m another crazed Aussie fan (there are so many it would make your head spin) who enjoyed listening to your interviews with both D and his father over the whole Idol experience…it was great to hear him supported in both Ireland and Oz.
    Words really cant describe how much affection there is for Damien here in Australia – the whole country really did have their socks charmed off! I do hope the Irish take to him as we have..he is such a great ambassador for your country, and it seems a bloody nice bloke too!
    Much thanks again xxx

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