The Constant Gardener, The Brothers Grimm…

Time is short so my movie reviews from the weekend will have to be brief…

The Constant Gardener will definitely be in my best of year list when Amanda and I do our usual round up of the last 12 months for the Fanning show in a few weeks. Directed by Fernando Meirelles, the director of the brilliant City Of God from a couple of years ago and based on a John Le Carré. It has just the right combination of intelligent thriller, heart-rending love story and political polemic all in one. Very, very smart, deftly played by Ralph Fiennes, Rachael Weisz etc. Top.

The Brothers Grimm is a very abridged review because I only lasted 45 mins. Wasn’t in the mood (even though I’m a huge Gilliam fan – Brazil is my favourite movie) for Heath Ledger and Matt Damon’s extraordinary cockney accents playing 2 German characters, was dropping off and thought “life is too short” I’ll catch the rest on DVD.

Still thrilled that Morgan Spurlock’s series 30 Days is so SO good. This week it was a religious homophobe sent to the Castro district in San Francisco who was stripping off in gay bars by the end… Brilliant 🙂

Colin Murphy is, if it were possible, getting more and more pithy and brilliant on the Blizzard Of Odd. The only thing I’d actively advise you to miss my show for.