The Holiday Photos…

The photos below were all taken in Disneyland Paris a couple of weeks ago and are a photorecord of sorts of the week. Needless to say 37 degree days are not my strong point…

The collection of hands outside the Planet Hollywood are great 🙂

Which one was he again?

French! The language of the future!!!!

Grrr……. Feckin PC won’t let me upload any more…. Thus – more to follow! Am definitely getting rid of my crappy dial-up at home (stoop laughin down the back – I usually do all my surfing at work!)

Anyone have strong opinions about the best home wireless broadband package on offer……?


One thought on “The Holiday Photos…

  1. I can’t offer any advice but I am hoping someone will impart information here that I can piggy-back on. Still on dial-up here too and I have had some mad looks considering the amount of pics I post to Flickr.

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