The Light Returns

You may know about me and my love for cinema buildings…


Fair play to The Screen Cinema who seem to be doing everything right at the moment. After their screenings of classics like Brief Encounter and All ABout Eve and the Hallowe’en horror screenings of the likes of The Shining, this Monday they’re restoring the classic huge old school neon sign that was removed a few years ago to its former glory.


4 thoughts on “The Light Returns

  1. I am really excited about this.

    I love Screen and I think their move towards a classic movie revival will become more and more popular as time goes by.

    And YAY for the return of the big sign. The building looks a bit lackluster without it.

  2. If you like old cinema buildings you may already be on to this book Rick, but if not you’ll LOVE, ‘Dublin Cinemas: A Pictorial Collection’ by Jim Keenan. Top. Notch.

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