The Lighthouse

Finally made it to the new Lighthouse on Sunday!!!!! And what a glory of nature it is too so I got my design geek and my movie geek fixes all in one…



Like what’s on at the moment. Started with XXY. Very strange but my speed nonetheless. (Note to self – must review it later)



Then just wandered around for a while taking furtive snaps in case someone gave out to me, something of which I’m frequently afraid in life.


It’s very, very different from the old Lighthouse, obviously but it was always going to be. The building itself is glorious and, like the TARDIS, much bigger on the inside than it appears to be on the outside. I’m hoping that nickname will stick. As long as the programming spirit stays the same that’s good enough for me.

I know it’s a short trip out from town (and a bus and a LUAS from where I am) but I’m determined to make the effort on an ongoing basis. There are few anough new cinemas being opened in Ireland these days, those dedicated to showing more than the same 8 movies that are showing everywhere else are very rare indeed and thus need our effort to be nurtured.

Just a quick one lads. All you need to do to make me extremely happy is start showing the occasional oldie. You know what I mean – Touch Of Evil, Sullivan’s Travels, Easter Parade, Playtime, Ace In The Hole, some Hitchcock, maybe Lawrence Of Arabia? That sort of thing 🙂

10 thoughts on “The Lighthouse

  1. Will I be unpopular for saying this? I went down yesterday and I wasn’t overwhelmed. You’re right Rick, it’s really well designed and spacious but it lacked a certain element of charm that somewhere like the IFI has. Maybe better chairs in the café, or some cushions or beanbags and definitely some movie posters on the walls would be a great start.

    Admittedly only made it as far as the lobby and I look forward to seeing more (so best of luck guys) but for the moment, my film-going heart is still with (my favourite place to eat in town) the IFI…

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