6 thoughts on “The Oxegen Tornado…

  1. Wahooo Im up on the 2FM site – Cheers Rick! Twas cool chatting to ya today btw! Im hoping maybe that anyone who looks at the vid may even look at my song on my videos on youtube JFK. Im trying to get started becoming a singer but i need some feedback. Anyways, Im not Oxegen material yet! If anything comes from this it would be cool but all i did was upload a 20sec video to youtube and its spiralled up from there. It wasn’t inTENTional. LMAO. Cheers guys anyways!

  2. It was better in the flesh…sorry you missed it. It was one of the perks of the regular people camp site it didn’t have one of those Vitamin In Peas wristbands.

  3. You know what slyscribe – apart from the VIP bar, which I didn’t spend much time in.. those VIP bands did nothing! I’m going regular next time! It was much too quiet at night in the green campsite, apart from the generator that was powering the lights, that was noisier than RATM!

  4. Dan the man!! ya it was nice to have the vip passes tho, didnt think anything would come of this when dan put it up on utube. im also dancing like a spa on one of his other videos from oxegen, the pigeon detectives or something like that lol.. was one of the most random things ive seen in a long time. didnt think id get my name in the paper.. mad!!

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