11 thoughts on “The Pointy Adventures Of Jean-Claude Supremo

  1. i liked your old blog name better, but then its not my blog and my blog names, unlike most girls/women, is pretty lame assed.. i’m too much of a tom boy i guess and the male jeans (genes?) win out at times 🙂

    if you stumble on a good name and dont want it, pass it my way eh?

  2. 2 days in France and suddenly you’re Jean Claude Supremo…..Whatever happened to “you can take the man out of ireland but you can’t take the ireland out of the man”

    Obviously teams of French scientists have been developing Frenchification techniques to change tourists at a molecular level into french people (Did you notice if you felt funny walking through the scanner in the french airport??)

    Watch out Rick, next thing you know you’ll stop showering, wanting to go on strike at the drop of a hat and be having a croissant for breakfast …..DeValera, Collins and Parnell are all rolling in their graves (and possibly a rockin too)

  3. It caught me off guard. I was thinking – how the hell did I subscribe to a blog with that name and not remember. Luckily the first post I opened was about beards and it all became clear.

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