TV On The Radio…

A few musings this lunchtime as I gnaw on a bagel about TV. I know it’s in theory not in the best interests of a radio show to go cross promoting another (“rival” if you will) medium but arse to that.

I watch very little these days (part of the whole being in work at night and trying to have a life during the day thus not watching all the tv you taped thing) but had a few things I finally managed to catch up with over the long weekend:

The Blizzard Of Odd – simply THE finest show RTE produces and has been so for years. One of the only shows that makes me lauch in violent convulsions most of the time… This week – Irish whip wrestling live from Lucan Sarsfields GAA club!!!

30 Days – Morgan Spurlock’s new hour long documentary show on More 4… Saw the first one over the weekend, where he and his girlfriend live on minimum wage for 30 days. The sort of thing I’ve read before in the likes of Barbara Ehrenreich’s book Nickel & Dimed but really compelling to see in on screen. Hope the rest of the series is as good…

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – Glorious American left-wing satire.. Not hilarious all of the time but when it hits, it hits… Also on More 4 every evening.

Wanderly Wagon – Not back on TV but out for Christmas in the form of a glorious 150 min DVD!!! Watched some the other night and yes, it’s as bizarre as you remember it was… Frank Kelly was Dr Astro!!! Forgot about that…. Sneaky Snake still scares the bejeesus out of me…

Only 3 days of work this week 🙂

This week on the show Rooster live from Oxegen across the week, Aslan live in studio on Wednesday and a track from Doves Oxegen set on Thursday ahead of 2FM Live at the weekend.

Cya tonight at 10.