Twenty Five Words Or Less…

I was thinking today about how I used to be a movie reviewer many moons ago. I wrote reviews for a Sunday newspaper, did segments for the station I worked for, even went on movie reviewing junkets to the UK from time to time.

I’ve loved movies for as long as I can remember. I still go to them whenever I can but, when time constraints meant that I wasn’t really making it to the previews anymore, I stopped reviewing. I’ve done the odd one here but not that many. So for the next while I fancy getting back on the horse and I’m going to review movies I see (both new and stuff I’m seeing for the first time on DVD).

However, mindful of the amount of effort it takes to write 500 words, and just how boring they can be to read on blogs, I’ll be reviewing each one in 25 words or less so as not to bore you hugely.

Let’s see how it goes.

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