12 thoughts on “Urinal Etiquette

  1. Hi Rick. Never posted anything here before. I think you should read Twenty Major’s post from yesterday. In particular the comments thread. I would ask for a fair comment on the proceedings.
    Twenty Major has just moderated me because I have annoyed him, not because I have abused him but because I have wound him up. He changed one of my comments to suit himself. Would you agree that this is not the “freedom of comment” he proports to support on his blog. Now as it stands, I am not allowed to comment about anything he posts unless he approves it. Hardly “blog winning” material wouldn’ you think?

    Bald Devil

  2. Hi Bald Devil. If you’ve never posted here before then why now I wonder?

    Anyway, what goes on over on Twenty’s blog is his own business and not mine, obviously. Not sure what you think posting about a grievance you have against him here will do…

    And I know far better than to get in the fecker’s way for any reason other than to beat him to the bar.

  3. Thanks for the reply Rick.
    Wasn’t trying to prove anything, more to let you know what kind of person he is. Just that when the going gets tough, he can’t hack it and bans me from his site. A bit like a fractious child throwing his rattle out of his pram.

    Best of luck with the awards, your blog is always entertaining and fun, not bombastic and back-slappy like some I could mention.
    Bald Devil loves you all.

  4. That’s so freaky Rick, I had seen this ages ago and only thought of it as I went to ‘use the facilities’ during a Fr Ted table quiz last night (freakishly hard – how much tape does he use the first time on the plane? FFS).

    And now I see it here.


  5. Like Donna M I did surprisingly well considering I have never used a urinal either. Its a bit like how a bus fills with passengers, the rule of thumb is to sit as opposite to the person who got on before you.

  6. What’s with this Twenty Major hate campaign Bald Devil is starting? All Twenty did was remove a ridiculous signature on every comment- He has to take matters in his own hands when a spam filter isn’t good enough.

    Also, I don’t know why BD would say he hasn’t posted before when he did just over two weeks ago: http://rickoshea.wordpress.com/2008/01/30/the-cult-of-the-night-before/#comments

    Here it is, in case Baldy deletes it:

    Hi Rick.
    Dont quite know what to make of your blog just yet. Might keep reading for a while till I make up my mind.
    All seems a little tame don’t you think?
    Don’t know why you link Twenty Major to your blog. Is there something you want to say and don’t have the courage to say it?
    Bald Devil loves you all..
    I’m not sure why he claims to be so high and mighty when his blog is worth less than cat piss. He’s acting as if Twenty broke his heart. Just before Valentine’s day too. Oh noes.

    Bald Devil loves acting childish…

  7. Joe – “use the facilities” – thought I was the only one who said that. Now I don’t feel so alone….

  8. Facilities is a fairly good open ended concept when one considers that having expectations about what might be available in some locales is not 100% appropriate. In some hostelries you just have a hole in the ground.

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