Viva Somalia!

Here’s a question. What in the name of frick are these flags?

I’ve seen these on a few cars and I’m baffled. I know it’s the same as the flag of Somalia but that can’t be it, can it?


13 thoughts on “Viva Somalia!

  1. googled the flag, and the ‘bonnie blue flag of the short lived republic of west florida’ came up in the first 3 hits including wikipedia. Except that the blue in that flag is more of a navy-ish blue, as where this is more of a teal blue. Somalia is the only thing that came up for it.

    dont know about over there, but over here, we have flags like this we can buy at Walmart and Canadian Tire with our hockey team logo on it. When teh Canucks play, people tool around town showing off their team colors. Maybe this is someone showing off Somalia’s soccer team support?

  2. VIVA somalia
    hehehe I wondered 1ST time I saw in de Street cars with dis Flag and people holdin also….. I know this flag is from Somalia..

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