Vote Rick….. Again! It’s Technically Not Ballot Stuffing….

Oh, and I have been giving scant attention to this although my friends from Today FM in the category are well organised beyond my abilities so I feel I should put up a bit of a show for the side…

Thus I commit the laziest of blogger sins and reprint this post from November:

Thanks to all the industry types who’ve nominated me for Best Irish DJ at the upcoming Meteor Ireland Music Awards…

If you have spare credit and nothing else to do with it you can have my undying love if you vote by texting VOTE to 085 7114444 or logging on to


PS To be honest there is zero chance of me winning this. There are people in the category with shows that have three and four times the audience of mine 🙂

Having said that do please treat your vote for me as a spoiler… A protest vote if you will :-)))))

The thought has occured to me over the weekend that I haven’t mentioned this on the show once…. Maybe I should take a course on these things? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Vote Rick….. Again! It’s Technically Not Ballot Stuffing….

  1. Hey rick, how come my blog isn’t up on your blog list.. do I not lick enough arse?

    Did I tell you you’re brilliant?

  2. Hey now,
    no need to be like that, my blog isn’t up there either, and I don’t mind….
    Well, maybe just a little

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