Vote Rick!….. Again!

The nicest posible e-mail to get of a weekend…

Turns out I’ve been nominated in three categories for this year’s Irish Blog Awards 🙂 Not bad for a place here that’s been poorly neglected for months now, and yes, it is going to incite me to try harder….

Given that you read here you might like to vote? It’s one vote, one person and I’m up twice for Best Blog Post, for Most Humourous Post and, completely inexplicably, for Best Contribution To The Irish Bloggersphere. That someone felt that Ieven belonged in that list is completely humbling. Thank you.

You can vote HERE and please extend your other preferences to and of the fine blogs listed here on the right…

4 thoughts on “Vote Rick!….. Again!

  1. You’re also up for Best Group Blog for the Dublin Community Blog Rick, so don’t forget to vote for that as well!

    Good luck on the night!

  2. Congrats on all the nominations Rick, I will vote for you once you vote for me in the best blog and best photoblog categories hehe

  3. Only just noticed that Kaz! Don’t now if I can take any credit though for somewhere I’ve posted scandallously few times to…

  4. I know Rick, same as me, I’ve only posted a few times and less in recent months, but that doesn’t mean the blog isn’t great and those who do post don’t deserve any credit. So get out and vote for it!

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