4 thoughts on “Want. Sies.

  1. I’m a moleskine addict as well, I got the red week to a page diary last year and I love it. They also do little notebooks in other colours now, I have pink and green ones that I carry in my bag all the time.

  2. Crap Maz, I’m always late to everything 🙂

    Lottie, I’ve been that way since I started keeping diaries seriously again about a year ago (and yes, you’re all in them btw!) I only ever get halfway into any one notebook before I grow weary of it and start on something fresh…

  3. I love the Moleskines! I have the City diary, for Amsterdam of course… brilliant, keep all my crap and maps in it! Helpful for remembering how i got from one place to another! Saw the Rey Year diaries in my fave bookstore here!

    Ps looking forward to your return to the airwaves today! 🙂

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