Orpington and I have been playing THE GREATEST GAME EVER(!!!!!) over the last day or so.

Take a movie title, remove the last letter, make a new movie title, write a tagline for it. Such as:

Strictly Ballroo – A young kangaroo defies his family to become a champion dancer.

American Pi – a man eats 3.14 percent of his apple tart. Gets into trouble with ma.

The Damned Unite – Zombies visit Leeds, attempt to play football.

Psych – where Norman Bates only pretends to go nuts and kill eveyone in an elaborate practical joke…

The Wizard of O – Where one man shows off the world’s most incredible technique with his wand.

Into the Wes – A trio of Dublin 15 year olds try to sneak into to famous disco

Seriously, you won’t be able to stop yourself… There’s more here:



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