Welcome To My Blo

Then there’s the blogger version of #rpsdropletter :

Rick O’She – transvestite blogger.

Damien Mulle – extremely hard working blogger.

Chancing My Ar – pirate blog.

K8 The Gr – angry blogger.

Maxi Can – has a positive attitude.

Alexia Gole – football playing blogger.

Well Done Fille – congratulates successful horses.

Pursued By A Bea – ends up being chased by the late Golden Girls actress.


7 thoughts on “Welcome To My Blo

  1. Get behind me Bea! How about “The Anti-Roo: Blogging against Marsupials.” Or “Outside I: In a curious reversal of standard blogging practice, one blogger blogs about everything but himself.”

  2. I Can Has Coo – Blogger lady talks about cooking pigeons and doves.

    Why Thats Delightfu – Father Ted writer discovers tofu. Match made in heaven.

  3. Stereogu – its about the gip that comes from yer speakers when they bleed

    Dave Mac on the Blo – A blog detailing his gonzo style investigations into hardcore drugs

    Íomhá an La – A blog against the oppresive tuiseal ginideach

    … I’ll get my coat

  4. Pity it’s not just drop a letter… I’d be a shoe in for an unemployed blogger…


    Iced Coffe: blog about really bad colds
    The little pinch of Sal: A snippet into Sally’s life
    Beau.ie – For the man in your life
    Sabrina Den – different to Sabrina Now
    UnaRock – it’s just one, somewhere out there

    etc etc

  5. Cool blog Rick, ha, I am fairly horrendous at comments it seems.

    http://trickaduu.com – Blog about the reality of bizarre daily life in L.A, trying to break into acting & writing, should be easy enough having never tried either before.

    Apologies about the blatant plug!

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