What Makes The Internet Great…

This is what truly makes the internet great. Headcases yelling and crying about unimportant crap. And filming it and then putting it up on Youtube.

Promise I’ll do a post that doesn’t have a video or a picture in it soon. I’m just a very visual person 🙂

11 thoughts on “What Makes The Internet Great…

  1. Had this up in my blog yesterday Rick, is it a guy or girl??? im not to sure…..

    I think its a few sandwiches short of a picnic!! haha

  2. Howya Fox – nice blog btw… Think it’s a guy, at least that’s the consensus in the office…

  3. Thanks Rick, your blogs rocks, and dont stop with the posting of video’s or pictures…..its the way forward. 😉

    You’re staff have a eagle eye to spot that, he’s a die hard fan god love him…..

  4. It really is sad, have you seen the follow up yet? It’s on my blog or I’m sure you’ll fins it easy enough to find on YouTube / MySpace TV.

    He’s pffered to throw himself off a building, given your reach could you start a petition to help him jump that little quicker?

  5. Blah, Blah, Blah..

    oh yes you saying, leave her alone Right NOW!! is really going to make a difference!!
    and i think a puff of wind might be able to “deal” with you…

    i say Male, but i have my doubts that she is comfortable with it..

  6. OK …..ERM……righteo….
    Does make me mean if i say i think that was the funniest thing ever? just???? wha?

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