What You Guys Have In Your Phones…

Where to start….? I decided on a whim to ask you lot for the random weirdness in your phones just to see what would happen and so we have the finalists in the first inaugural blog “I can’t believe he’s seriously treating this as a competition competition”!!!!

Look at the sign in the middle… From Rolf in Germany

Dragons from Will
Conehead (couldn’t resist the pun…) from Orla

Garlic Butter Man from Michael in Sligo

Anonymous scary potentially eye-eating Bird!

Not even hugely sure what this is a picture of….? From Shannon in Kildare

He is real!! From Alan in Blackrock

………..? From Anonymous

King Toot! From Michael

Still not sure about prizes etc yet – we’ll pick a couple of our faves and mail you back to get addresses 🙂 Still not as good as the two wasps shagging though….