What’s A Summer, Mammy….?

Forgot all about these – Friday we gave away Bourne Ultimatum packs. Amanda loved the movie but hated the tagline:

This Summer Jason Bourne Comes Home

Not great. So we asked you to write an alternative movie tagline for a movie of your choice…

Really liked these:

Batman Begins… because after Clooney, anything’s better.

Catwoman: Halle Berry in a cat suit (and there`s some kind of story for the girlfriend too).

The Notebook. It’s not for boys.

Dirty Dancing – not quite what you were thinking/hoping.

“The Exorcist – Oh what a feelin`, when you`re dancin on the ceiling”

Jaws. Bite me.

The Usual Suspects… What the….?

Spiderman… because pigs cant spin webs!

Rocky 7…. This time he won’t need a gum shield because he has no teeth.

The Godfather 3 – An offer Coppola couldn’t refuse (even though the rest of us could).

Transformers. The franchise starts now.

War of the Buttons – the battle between needle and thread.

The Hulk, definitely not the jolly green giant.

Into the West… expect long delays.

Mad Max Nine. Beyond the nursing home.

Saving Private Ryan. Jaysus is it really worth it lads?!

Braveheart. A man in a skirt, but boy has he got balls!

The Football Factory. They don’t make footballs.

The Empire Strikes Back… Who’s your Daddy?

Die Hard 4: Die Hard with a pension.

Mary Poppins. “The Rihanna Story” (Umbrella)

Rocky 6. Ageing bull.

A Clockwork Orange… It’s not Terry’s, its mine.

Die Hard. If you build it, he will blow it up.

The Departed. The Aer Lingus conspiracy.

If Carlsberg made films… The Shawshank Redemption… Probably the best film in the world.

The Passion of the Christ. So good they made it into a book.

Eyes Wide Shut. Legs Wide Open.

Toy Story 3. Woody gets dry rot.

3 thoughts on “What’s A Summer, Mammy….?

  1. Looking at the current

    Bratz- The Movie : Ratz- the stinking pile of…

    Copying Beethoven : Beware of low flying 1812 overtures

    Die Hard 4.0 : For point less

    Evan Almighty : Why god, why?

    Hairspray : Eat John, Eat; but not the Divine diet

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix : Helllooooo Tonks

    Knocked up : in Dublin apartment buildings everyone can hear you scream

    Licence to Wed : Revoked

    Rush Hour 3 : Because sometimes you can’t get out of your contract

    Shrek the Third : the nappy strike back

    Surf’s Up : Dude, where’s my movie?

    The Bourne Ultimatum : because you blinked during the final 30 seconds of the last one.

    The Hoax : Its not his real hair

    The Simpsons Movie : So good it’s going to get it’s own TV spin off

    Transformers : (sing it..) Toy ads in disguise

    Waitress : Now serving cloying sweet sugary confections

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