Who is Nadia Cameron-Blakey…..?

Now there’s a question and a half….

But she’s just been on my TV screen presenting the Best Irish Band award at last Thursday’s Meteors (missed the award on the night as I was gone by then)…

The reason I ask is that she and her partner were in a lift with me and my partner last Thursday night and I was struck by just how much like Cate Blanchett she looked. I saw her tonight and, introduced by Deirdre O’Kane as a former Bond girl and star of Batman Begins I was even more intrigued….

I know a fair amount about Bond, Batman and all concerned and her name didn’t ring a bell… So I looked her name up on imdb.com and there she is…

Star is stretching it a bit…

In Bond she played Beth Davidson. Character number 39 on the cast list, just under “Staff Officer #2” And in Batman Begins…?

She’s “Additional restaurant guest number 5”.


She’s obviously a jobbing actress and was lovely in person, that’s not in question. My question has to be….

Why was she presenting Best Irish Band at the Meteors and who is Nadia Cameron-Blakey….?



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