Yes, I am the world’s worst blogger…

Had a friend of mine (who, if I was to be honest about it, has been the world’s worst texter recently!!) complain to me this week that I am the world’s worst blogger. He only runs a radio station so thus has a lot more time to be faffing around on this kind of thing than those of us who work for a living 🙂

However, his criticism is a valid one so tonight I’m going to try to make it up to you by putting 5 different and seperate posts up…

That’s one down anyway!


0 thoughts on “Yes, I am the world’s worst blogger…

  1. How’s it going Rick? Listening in on the www in Warrington, Engerland. You’ve dropped from 3rd to 4th in the bloggin order on google! Sort it out fella!

    Are fruit male and female too??

    Pears? Melons? Plums?

  2. I just found you google-ing “Worlds Worst Blog”. I’m a 33 yr old double bull too! I, too am a taurus born the year of the ox! That’s so cool! I am really compressed!

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