Yes, It Is A Year’s Supply Of Tayto…

Right. Sorted.
The prize for our “How To Make A Tayto Sandwich Instructional Video” competition (we’re looking for a snappier title) shall be this. Currently sitting in the bosses office, a year’s supply of Tayto (just shy of 1200 bags in total!!!)
Whomsoever sends us the video we deem best gets the lot.
The instructions are HERE, the deadline for reciept of your Youtube url by e-mail is midnight on Sunday the 14th of October.
Get cracking.

5 thoughts on “Yes, It Is A Year’s Supply Of Tayto…

  1. What’s the expiry date on them + why does your boss have so many boxes of Tayto just lying around. Is he/she a greedy bastard?

  2. I’m taking the michael, Rick – it’s a great competition. I’m just jealous you have the best job in the world!!!

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