Book Reviews – May 2019

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  It has been way too long but at least I have ten new joys to throw your way…   Beth O’Leary – The Flatshare This one definitely belongs in the “to be brought on holiday” pile. It starts with a simple idea – Leon has a one-bedroom flat in London, works nights, needs money. Tilly needs a cheap place to stay, has little money and sees an advert offering a bedroom for 12 hours a day. The two need never meet. Well, that’s like putting a loaded gun on the table at the beginning of a play. What might […]

Book Reviews – February 2019

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EDIT – It was only when I was at home at the weekend that I realised I had completely forgotten to include two of my favourite books coming up in this period! I’m blaming old age. Sorry Sinead and Hannah, they’re now added. ******************************************************************************************************** If you ever read stuff on this site you’ll probably have recognised a few things: (1) I’m an incredibly infrequent poster (2) I prefer the short to the long-winded when it comes to recommending books. (3) I am a terrible reviewer, but I am quite passionate about things when I like them. Thus… A few things […]

Books Of The Year 2018

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  I know it’s been a while, I know. Pretty much 6 months since I blogged last (a list of books for the summer). To be honest I’ve just been rattling on about what I’ve been up to so much on social and the likes I had completely forgotten to put things together all on one page somewhere like here so they don’t get lost. And so, my list of best books from 2018 that I’ve read and I think you should too, all with very brief reasons why (no-one has the time in the week before Xmas for long […]

The Rick O’Shea Book Club Summer Reads 2018

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    The hardest part of figuring out what to recommend in a “Summer Reads” list is usually not what to actually include (although this list could have been double the size), but what actually is one? Thankfully I’m in no way qualified to try and define that so I’m taking my usual easy way out and simply giving you ten books that I think you might enjoy whether you’re going away or staying at home…   David Graeber – Bullshit Jobs – A Theory Ever felt as if your job has no meaning, brings no value in to the […]

Short Book Reviews – February 2018

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    Liz Nugent – Skin Deep If you’ve read the awesome Liz Nugent’s first two novels (and if not, why not?) then you know what to expect here. A killer first line to drag you in and a morally compromised central sociopath (or two), except this time a fair chunk of the lifelong slow motion car crash that is Cordelia’s life, and the constantly shifting ground of her story in which many things are never what they seem, takes place on the Côte d’Azur. I have to say little about it as it’s not out until March but keep your […]