25 Words Or Less – Be Kind Rewind

Forgot to do this a couple of weeks ago, sorry!


I love Michel Gondry, I’d let him fill me with his little babieeeees. Where was I? Oh yeah, 18 words in already… I like it šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “25 Words Or Less – Be Kind Rewind

  1. Speaking of medication, if you go see Vantage Point you will need something to numb the pain…

    you’ve been warned

  2. Grandad – actually no, thanks for the reminder.

    Ben – that bad? Surely not. It has that delightful Forest Whitaker in it!

  3. Its like watching the same 15 minutes of a film 8 times and then it fizzles out and the lights come back on. Mr Whitaker has a very very very small part that ends up being absoloutely pointless.
    Don’t heed my warning and waste 9.50 euro haha

    Trailer is the best bit of the film

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