A Few Beers…

Look, it’s just been a while since I stuck one of these up, right? All of the ones below have been tried and are worth your time.

















As for the below, I did warn you just how good White Hag’s beers were at the recent Craft Beer Festival, save to say that a few weeks ago we ended up in L. Mulligan and this is a *dangerously* driinkable beer. Waaaaay too drinkable.


I was also on holliers recently, tried all of the below and they are incredible in places. SOme are available in Ireland but the 3 Monts is around €7.50 here – it was a little over €2.50 in the local supermarket where I was. The tax on alcohol in Ireland…

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WP_20140915_13_51_18_Pro WP_20140915_13_51_08_Pro

Then finally there’s this. I raved about the Mikeller Bar in San Francisco recently too. Little did I realise you can get bottled here. Found this in Donnybrook Fair and it’s lovely if very pricey, sadly…