Around The World In 80 Handbags

Will Baxter is a guy who has travelled the world asking people if he could take a picture of the contents of their handbags. 

Not highly unusual but he’s a nice guy and I’m fascinated about the one thing you have in your bag that you wouldn’t want people to see…. Thus, I ask 🙂

5 thoughts on “Around The World In 80 Handbags

  1. hmm. i am apparently very unusual. i’m a woman and i dont own a handbag. not one single handbag. i do however, use a man’s style wallet in my back pocket. whats in it? points cards for supermarket and dept store, drivers license, first aid ticket, pet food points card, bank card, credit card (just one), discount card for postal, gift card to futureshop, and no cash 🙂

    i dont feel the need to pack makeup, hairbrush, perfume, and half the contents of my vanity with me everywhere i travel 😉

  2. Hi Rick,

    Thanks for doing the piece on my travels and upcoming book.

    Donna M – you are indeed very unusual, the fact that you do not have a handbag means your a rebellious type, the fact that you have a 1st aid kit makes you advetourous (like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider) and the fact you have no cash just goes to show you like to live on the edge.

    My guess is you don’t have a very secure job either and value your time far more than your possesions but you feel you have too many possessions and not enough time?

    Choa for now – Will Baxter

  3. Gosh you really don’t want to know whats been in my handbag. I have a Coach Signature tote I use to carry around my two year old Pomeranian named Cheese. In my bag you can find tufts of hair, food, and god knows what else that makes its way in the bag when Cheese is on the road with me.

  4. A woman with no handbags? What do you spend your money on? LOL I’m sucker when it comes to them and probably spent enough on them to put a nice down payment on a house!

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