Have realised it’s been a while. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been sampling new beers. All of the below are worth your time:

WP_20150419_20_55_47_Pro WP_20150419_20_55_14_Pro

WP_20150416_19_22_40_Pro WP_20150415_21_49_26_Pro

WP_20150412_20_05_48_Pro WP_20150408_19_53_27_Pro

WP_20150331_21_36_07_Pro WP_20150331_20_37_28_Pro

WP_20150331_19_05_19_Pro WP_20150322_19_11_18_Pro

WP_20150322_17_38_53_Pro WP_20150322_16_29_05_Pro

WP_20150322_15_48_59_Pro WP_20150320_22_09_01_Pro

WP_20150319_21_08_19_Pro WP_20150317_20_09_57_Pro

WP_20150317_19_19_43_Pro WP_20150311_19_19_34_Pro

Oh yeah, be aware that the lovely folk from Galway Bay are opening a whole new ball game this week in The Beer Market.

Can’t wait 🙂