Book Eighty Eight

Book Eighty Eight 2014:

The Girl Who Walked Home Alone by Charlotte Chandler


This is less a sanctioned biography and more part filmography, part literal transcription of many, many colourful conversations carried out by Charlotte Chandler with the legendary Bette Davis across the 80s prior to her death in 1989.

The story of how she gets the gig is in of itself well worth the read (she writes a book about Groucho Marx that Miss Davis likes and she gets an invite to the hotel suite she lives in.)

Incredibly insightful it may not be and it’s quite pedestrian at times in its treatment of every single movie she appeared in (even to the point of giving a full plot synopsis each time) but the colour of her pronouncements, observations and opinions are more than worth the read.

Not sure how available this is though, got mine in the library…