Book Review – The Life And Loves Of A He Devil by Graham Norton


I have to be honest and tell you that this had been sitting on the “to be read” shelf for ages and thankfully forced its way to the front in the research I did for interviewing Graham recently at Listowel Writers Week.

I’ll keep this simple for you.

Like Graham Norton on d’telly? Great.

Like to read a book divided up into unconventional sections of his life without, as he said to me himself at the interview, “all the dull bits about your childhood that no-one cares about?” Bingo.

Fancy an easy, very funny and genuinely laugh out loud in places read with more than its fair share of honesty about his personal life? This is the one.

Off you toddle, go buy it. I can recommend it unreservedly. Bring it in the suitcase on holidays…