Book Review – Trigger Warning by Mick Hume


Fascinating. Bloody fascinating.

One of my major problems when it comes to reading non-fiction (we all have it) is that I tend to read the views and opinions of people who I know will pretty much agree with my world-view.

Yes, I have to admit that if the ideas coming out of Mick Hume’s Trigger Warning weren’t coming from a lifelong left-wing journalist and campaigner (i.e. if it was coming from a U.S. Republican nutjob) I would probably use the old confirmation bias and dismiss most of it as horseshit.


This is a fascinating and, more importantly, challenging walk through trigger warnings themselves (warning – this TV show may contain horror, scenes of violence, rude words and nudey bits), whether or not internet trolling should really be a criminal offence in and of itself (I’m italicising that deliberately) and, most interestingly, whether or not hateful speech and the practitioners of it should be banned or brought out into the open and eviscerated (read the book and his arguments before you have a go at me for even bringing this up).

Trigger Warning is something you should devour if, like me, you;re pretty much a liberal, peace and love, let’s all be nice to each other lefty. You might just come away with what you consider lifelong attitudes if not changed then at the very least dented a little.

I don’t agree with everything he says here but some of it makes a huge amount of sense, and I wasn’t expecting that.