Cosmic Bloggering

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Anyway, coincidences are strange things and last night was full of them.

Yesterday Nikki H., Producer Penny, Kate and myself were standing around the office arguing about the existence of God and quantum physics (seriously, do you think I’d make that shit up?) when Nikki started on about the belief she has about how, if you think about something or someone, they’ll come to you. I wrote it off as that Cosmic Ordering nonsense Noel Edmonds is always rattling on about and swivelled back to my tour of the virtual Prado.

After work I went into town by myself for a bite and to go to a movie. On the bus I met, for the first time, the lovely NaRoc Roc. Strange and coincidental in itself. Weirder still that earlier that day I had mailed him to finally reveal that I was the one behind his Blogger Kriskindl presents this year. Bizarre.

Then he said he was heading to the movies with his g/f  “maybe to see The Reader over in The Lighthouse”.

Me too. I swear.

I bumped into Sinead Keogh TWICE on Grafton Street and, in a bookstore, to a listener to the show that I knew.

I’d like to stress on most days wandering around Dublin I’d usually meet NOBODY. I don’t know that many people.

Sorry NaRocRoc.

Not a stalker.


And yes, you are one of us. I’m going to make that a mission 😉

5 thoughts on “Cosmic Bloggering

  1. That sort of stuff happens to me all the time, and every time it re-enforces my belief that the universe knows stuff that we don’t. The bastard.

  2. I’m very lazy and if I see someone I know and I’m not in the mood for a chat I hide.

  3. It was that sort of day I think, I bumped into my housemate who I was out buying a birthday present for too. We have singularly never bumped into each other anywhere before despite 3 years of living together.

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