8 thoughts on “Dinnermations…

  1. Ha- I do remember Battle of the Planets but my favourite was Star Blazers! Don’t recall ever seeing Ulysses in the States but how cheesy is that theme tune in English?!! Then again the oldest son is having a great laugh at all of them and wondering how we didnt fall off the chair laughing back then!

  2. Ulysses 31 is a classic.

    Rick – you forgot
    Once Upon a Time Life

    But by far the best cartoon theme tune of all
    Dogtanian & the 3 Muskehounds

    I really have to learn that slicey-apple trick.

  3. My God Dogtanian is in a trillion languages – look at the side menu. Japanese seems to be the only one that changes the actual melody.

  4. I can’t remember who started it to be honest, but guess what, just I after I arrived in the Baggot, I joined a conversation of 2 people trying to decide what country Dogtanian came from. Straight away I said France, only because I’d heard it a few minutes early. Totally separate from us talking about it. Isn’t that gas.

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