Fame, Of A Sort…

My insanely intelligent and wonderful friend @bngr had an idea.

She was inspired by Kenny Egan telling the story of how, as part of his new found fame, he was getting mail these days even if it was only addressed to “Kenny Egan, The Boxer”.

So she thought she’d try an experiment of her own.

It just arrived in my work postbox today…


37 thoughts on “Fame, Of A Sort…

  1. I can’t believe it actually made it’s way to you. What other ways could we screw with An Post?

    George Lee – The miserable one.

    Ryan Tubridy – The Gobshite

    Brian Cowen – The Gobshite

    Enda Kenny – The Gobshite

    It could get confusing. It will never take off

  2. LOL, My nan once got a letter from my cousin in Boston.

    Granny Ryan & Cortez the Dog

    (We had a boxer called Cortez, that was not a nickname for my Grandad before anyone starts)


  3. @Lottie

    Would this help?
    The Miserable one, The News
    The Gobshite, Radio 1
    The Big Gobshite, Leinster House
    The Gobshite in a blue shirt, Leinster House


  4. I wonder if I stuck a picture of a plank on an envelope would it find it’s way to a certain person in Montrose ????

  5. ha, I love it. My boyfriend has received mail addressed to him at his home town but no actual house address.

    Fair play An Post.

  6. I aim to please.

    Somehow adding “The Radio” is funnier than just the name, which probably would have made it too.

  7. I reckon that Elf’s comment is the funniest blog comment I’ve read in ages. Made funnier by the fact that I know who each one is!!

  8. BRILLIANT. Adding “the radio” is especially funny. Ah, BNGR you’re a total leg-end.

    You know it’s pretty surprising of An Post to do something right for once.

  9. My friends did that for me when they were in the Gaeltacht, minus any addresses. All was fine, the letter got home… but it was addressed to my Dad. Who opened it. And read all about the girls ag shift-ail in Colaiste Lurgan. That was a maturing moment for me.

  10. guaranteed if it were sent from here, it would come back return to sender… even when we have the correct info including city, province, country and postal code (and its only across town its going) it ends up in Montreal at the main sorting station for Canada post and gets lost for 2 freaking months before finally coming back all blackened with machine ink and chewed up!

    i’d love someone in Dub to send me a letter – donna in canada 🙂

  11. Gas how yiz all had so much entertainment out of this. It’s just one of those stupid little things I do to pass the time.

  12. That’s deadly. I swear I saw it before now and didn’t go on a week-long blog break. Hmm! Bngr is a hero. I miss posting things. D’ya want more post?

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