6 thoughts on “Giant Antony Gormley…

  1. I kinda like it. I’m not that familiar with Dublin so that’s the only picture I’ve seen of the sculpture and it’s surroundings.

    His next project is based on Twenty Major on the River Liffey.

    It’s pretty much the same wire sculpture style as seen on this page to the right

  2. You know, it only really looks big because they made all the new dockland buildings so small in the first place. I semi-like it though

  3. It looks absolutely smashing – I hope they tell the begrudgers precisely what to do with themselves. It’s about time “development” in Dublin meant something more than plastering the place with housing estates.

  4. we really have become a nation of wankers.

    How about spending some money on after school schemes for kids, inner art city programmes for kids (which I personally know to be vastly underfunded and under staffed) instead of throwing millions of Euro at pointless bollocks like this.

    I’d rather live in a city with a poor amount of celebrity art but full of young people who are interested in making their own, rather than smoking crack and mugging grannies for want of something else to do.

    There wasn’t even any public consultation, and i’m sure the families around the docklands and off Pearse St would rather have a safer environment to live in over a ridiculously oversized statue any day.

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