10 thoughts on “I Am Tired Of Being Teased…

  1. I think the interesting bit is the quote from Bana’s Character “James T. Kirk was a great man, but that was another life” It implies that we are dealing with an alternate reality from the TV show and explains how Abrams can reboot the franchise

  2. could this be the mysterious “james r kirk” whose gravestone was seen in the second pilot of the original series..?

    (yes, i know; i am a nerd)

  3. Ohh when I was in work (and blocked from the YouTube) I thought you were talking about Burlesque;-) Can’t wait for this though!

  4. Definitely a time travel thing in this, Mark. In the 4 scenes I’ve seen one has Leonard Nimoy’s Spock and young Kirk…

    Leigh gets an uber-nerd medal…

    Sinead, oh God yes.

    T, I am never tired of being teased by burlesque 🙂

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