Inside the DLR Lexicon

I live in Dun Laoghaire so I was honoured to be asked did I fancy a scoot around the soon to be opened new public library on the seafront.

To be honest I’ve been gawking at the construction for many, many months walking by and it’s been the subject of controversy locally, much of which I think will evaporate once locals get their hands on what is a gob-smacking building.

As an amateur architecture nut I can safely say it is probably the most incredible indoor public civic space I’ve ever been to in Ireland and rivals anything I’ve ever seen in Europe. Acres of bookshelves, huge areas to sit and read or work, conference rooms for book groups, local businesses and community groups, a café on the ground floor, performance spaces, exhibition galleries, even as you can see further down, 24 hour automated book tellers.

All of this comes with a huge public outdoor open space that is designed to tie the seafront with the much neglected western part of George’s Street.

It is *stunning*. Click on any of the photos for a larger version.

When it opens it’ll be a world-class amenity for anyone who lives in Dublin to come, read, bring the kids, wander round, spend a few hours…

Some of it will be open for this weekend’s Mountains To Sea Festival, the rest soon. When it is, you’ll be gobsmacked.













2 thoughts on “Inside the DLR Lexicon

  1. It is such a pleasure to read a good response to our new Lexicon! I agree with every word- we are going to love and cherish it as a community going into the future. I defy anyone to go into it and not be astounded by its beauty. And contrary to the rumour machine, the staff are in the basement, not swanning aound with palatial offices overlooking the sea. This is a buidling for the people.

  2. Any idea when it is opening? Looks great in these pictures, I’m especially excited about the study space and can’t wait to get in and check it all out myself.

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