Last Craft Beers Of 2015…

Last one of the year and a few things since I last blogged.

All tried, all good, some great.

WP_20151215_19_38_59_Pro WP_20151212_19_37_42_Pro

WP_20151211_15_24_08_Pro WP_20151210_20_22_02_Pro

WP_20151206_18_30_39_Pro WP_20151202_20_00_00_Pro

WP_20151121_15_13_41_Pro WP_20151119_23_27_56_Pro

WP_20151118_20_58_23_Pro WP_20151117_19_27_31_Pro

WP_20151114_16_36_23_Pro WP_20151111_17_08_42_Pro

WP_20151110_18_38_24_Pro WP_20151105_19_45_23_Pro

WP_20151105_17_23_01_Pro WP_20151102_19_59_37_Pro

WP_20151101_16_07_30_Pro WP_20151017_18_43_45_Pro

And then there was this.

Found it, loved it, have some stashed. Might even tie with Polar Vortex as my favourite of their beers this year…