Look what I got in my change!

My little boy has a collection of Euro coins from all across Europe but this one’s new to me. It’s a commemorative €2 from this year that I got in my change in the canteen the other day! Presume it was spent in error… 🙂

3 thoughts on “Look what I got in my change!

  1. Jaysus…. So it is! Have gotten three or four of them at this stage… Weird given that they’re the first commemorative euro coins of any kind I’ve ever gotten in change…. Foreign ones all the time – commemorative ones no…

  2. Rick, eurovision songs..
    irish entry had a woman wailing on the same note for 3 minutes
    Worst ever heard
    De(rvish)servedly last!
    Glad Serbia won, they need it down there..

    The Phibsboro’ Rasher

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