And yes, I’m conscious that title makes it sound like a beer and an octopus mated.

About time for another one of my rambling “here are a few new craft beers that I’ve had recently that i think you might like too” posts, no?


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Although, to be fair, it’s far from the first time I’ve had a Sierra Nevada…

As well as that I was in P Mac’s pub over on Lower Stephen’s Street for the first tim q couple of weeks ago. Love what’s n offer, nice vibe and the snugs on the left hand side as you go in are perfect for a quiet pint or 2…


All the old posts on craft beers adventures are HERE.

One thought on “Octobeer…

  1. Never would have put P. Mac’s and “quiet pint” next to each other. I must go back. Their house beer — Vietnow by Trouble Brewing — is a thing of beauty.

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