11 thoughts on “Pit Bull Armour. Seriously.

  1. I think this is kind of promoting the fact that pit bulls can be a fighting dog. Pit bulls are like any kind of dog, the only thing is the fact that we only ever hear about the bad things that happen. Pit bulls are the sweetest dogs and the government should not be banning them because of what some idiots have done to ruin their name. Punish the deed, not the breed!

  2. whoever did this outta die that is so wrong to do to a dog just think if that was you would you want to be in that ? i don’t think so that is so messed up im going to try to put a stop to this hurting pitbulls …..so if you want to help e-mail me please this is not ok pitbulls aren’t the only dogs that can hurt people

  3. From a Pit Bull lover and Rescuer, this is extremely funny! I’m sorry but if my Mastiff or Miniature Pincher was dressed in armor as well it would be just as funny! There should be a quote under this that says “I don’t want to fight, If no one else will protect me from it I’m going to try to protect myself then!” Then it would be even better!
    That would make it Positive Pit Bull Press, in stead of everyone thinking it’s just Negative!

  4. you’ve got to be fucking kidding me. my wife was attacked by a pit bull and i had to kick it and punch it git it off of her. you sick fuck!

  5. ahaha i have a pit bull and a border collie i would laugh at them both if they had those on, but they really look uncomfortable and i wouldnt want to promote the fact that the pit bull was used for dog fighting but then again so was the shar pei and loads more..

  6. hmmm…

    okay, i fucking love pitbulls. any attacks they did is not thier fault. there is always a faggotish human to blam because no animal is born mean. its people that make them that way. and their breed certainly has NOTHING to do with it

    and you know that ptibull attacks make the newspapers and are noticed more than any other attacks done by other breeds?

    oh yeah, and my stupid teacher a few years ago wanted us to read a story that said pitbulls were dangerous. i refused to open my book and me and this kid got up and started shouting how pitbulls were the sweetest breed ever. we got detention but….

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