9 thoughts on “Real Age Thingy… (It’s Late For Christ Sake!!!)

  1. i may not be fully with it today, (whatever it is) but i don’t really get this age clock thingy!

  2. I did this. I’m 24. My biological age is 24.1. The average life expectancy for a 24 year old male is 74. Mine is 73.7.

    How exceptionally bland.

  3. that’s so funny…I’m 34.3….my Real age according to this is 25.3 (closer to my mental age) and I’m gonna die at 82.7….Arse, I was hoping to miss the old crazy nappy wearing years!

  4. My biolagical age is 24, my ‘real age’ was 24.1 and my life expectancy was 78. Not bad for a fat fook.

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