Recession 1 – Little Guys 0


I’m one of those people who will, where possible, always try to go to the independent retailer when I can. In New York recently (did I mention that?) we made sure that we didn’t eat in chain stores of get coffee in Starbucks, partially to try and support the littler guy, partially to just see what was out there.

Littler is a real word. I’ve just invented it.

Last night I went to the cinema – the movie I wanted to see was on in Cineworld and The Lighthouse and I chose the latter, partially because of the “smaller guy” idea, mostly to be fair because The Lighthouse has become my cinema of choice whenever something I want to see is showing there as well as in other outlets. Nice staff, great coffee and cakes, gorgeous auditoria and people who obviously feel a passion for leftfield movies. OK, it’s an effort to get the LUAS down but a small price to pay in the long run to see a fledgling business you like survive.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in Cineworld frequently too, but where the choice exists, I’ll head over to Smithfield.

Which is why it’s all the sadder that I read that one of the few the long standing outlets for small Irish bands to get their music into shops, Road Records is to close, finally:

Shame, lads, but I totally understand why.

Everyone has to make a deliberate, conscious and ONGOING effort to frequent independent retailers of every creed and colour in these times to make sure they survive.

One thought on “Recession 1 – Little Guys 0

  1. Road was always a great place for buying tickets, and a much friendlier experience than ticketmonster…they’ll be missed !

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