Rick’s Flicks – Bolt


A quick disclosure first.

I *love* Pixar and John Lasseter. He’s spent years getting it right almost 100% of the time with some of the most incredibly inventive animated movies ever produced in the US and putting him in charge is one of the best things Disney could have done to their floundering animation division. I think he came to late to influence this one though.

It’s The Truman Show with a tail – dog thinks he’s the star of an all action show and believes evil styrofoam has stolen his powers when he escapes into the real world. There’s not a huge amount new here though in terms of characters and it’s only when the hamster in a ball arrives in the middle of the movie that you get some decent laughs.

The 3D is very impressive in places but whole sequences are animated to show it off – a bit out of touch with the Pixar philosophy that’s worked so well over the years to put the story first, something that obviously didn’t happen here.

Having said that my two little ones loved it, as did their Grandad who came along for the trip so maybe I’m being too fussy?

Wouldn’t be the first time.

3 thoughts on “Rick’s Flicks – Bolt

  1. i think a better 3d flick will be Monsters vs Aliens (kiddie cartoon version). seen clips on telly last night, looked as good as the U23D show

  2. I loved Bolt! Any dog with John Travolta’s voice is immediately awesome and I thought the animation was really really stunning. The story was kinda cliched but it was funny enough to get away with it in my opinion.

    Blogrolled and subscribed by the way. Never realised you were more than just a “radioman” 😛

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