Science/Boredom In Action

Got this in the mail this morning…

I was listening to your show the other day (which is always great listening… (he’s sucking up already… must be a request at the bottom of the page)) regarding the coriolis effect on water in the southern and northern hemispheres. It’s now 3:21 am, and I am bored… so I recorded some footage of water draining both anticlockwise and clockwise in my sink. It just depends which tap I turn on… You can watch if you’re really bored.

Not that this is scientific proof or anything… I’m pretty sure if I filled a bath up and pulled the plug, it would drain clockwise due to the pressure and the length of time it would take that the effect could take place.
Having learnt all about the effect when studying for my PPL(H), I am just thankful that it does work that way though… or we would be on the receiving end of all the hurricanes that America gets.
Aaron, Galway.

Gotta love the bored science geeks…