8 thoughts on “Shamelessly Lifted

  1. Both John McCain and his wife look embarrassed showing that clip – have they not got better things to focus their concentration and time on coming up to an election other than juvenile bully tactics.

  2. Have to say, I was waiting for the joke to start in the Matt Damon clip and when it didn’t I think who do these non-politicians think they are telling us what to do with our vote. The Eastern Europeans love all that power to the intelligenstia stuff and the US love their Hollywood icons but it doesn’t wash with me. Can you imagine Louis Walsh posting a video in support of Enda Kenny, you’d vote the opposite just to spite him.

    Roll on President Palin or Biden. Eitherways shoot-me-i’m-black
    Obama or one-heartbeat-left McCain have the same low life expectancy so it’s a VP race all the way.

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